Texture Services

Texture Services Keratin Treatment

Starting at $200

It is a revolutionary Safe treatment that eliminate up to 95% frizz free while making curly hair more manageable. Formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl. Keratin treatment is guaranteed to leave the hair healthier, stronger, and smoother while adding amazing shine. It will take about 2 hours depending on the density and the hair length.


Starting at $100

Chi Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Silk Conditioning Relaxer System is formulated using a rich blend of Silk, Olive Oil, Monoi Oil and Shea Butter replacing harsh relaxer systems with a nourishing and conditioning new formula.

Permanent Straightening

Starting at $250+

Chi Transformation System is an Advanced American Technology utilizing 4 key elements to transform the hair.

Ceramic Heat, Negative Ions, Pure Natural Silk, Cationic Hydration Interlink. This scientific approach permanently transforms hair from frizzy, curly, wavy or even coarse straight hair into silky, beautiful, controlled, straighter hair by using the CHI Iron, Silk and negative ions without the use of any harsh chemicals or ammonia.

*It will take 2-3 hours depending on the density and the hair length.